Friday, September 25, 2015

It Got Me Thinking

I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s what my husband said to me right before he went to bed “Don’t you feel blessed right NOW? Things are so good, Praise God” It got me thinking! Laying there in my bed the house was so silent and all I could hear was the humming of the ceiling fan above me, it put me in a trans. Thoughts of different time periods in our life kept rolling through my mind like a movie real. All the worst moments and all the good moments, moments that scared us and changed us forever replayed in my head as I laid there trying to fall asleep. It made me feel just like what my husband said “BLESSED”. I instantly thought of Allen. I rolled over and looked at my phone laying on my night stand… picked it up and texted my son. The following text message followed.

I took a deep long breath, smiled and fought back my tears. I thought to myself... right now, in this very moment VICTORY is ours!

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