Friday, August 7, 2015

This Young Man

It’s quiet in the office right now my boss left early today and I’m here all alone sitting with my untamed thoughts. It’s currently 4:02pm almost time to leave. As I sit here waiting for the clock to hit 4:30 I can hear the wind blowing the trees outside our window, it’s making this soft taping noise as the branches sway back and forth and it’s almost relaxing. As I sit here trying to quite my fears so I can be happy in this current moment I wrestle with the reality of Al’s disease. Someone in Al’s sober living house died two days before he arrived there. This young man relapsed and overdosed and died in his bed. After my son called to tell me this heartbreaking news I hung up the phone struck with sadness for this young man I didn’t even know. That hit to close to home for me… to to close to home.

His battle for a normal sober life has just begun. He’s now nesting in a sober living home having to be responsible for his own sobriety. The real test begins, staying focused on himself will hard. I just pray he can break free from the things that bind him.

Taking it slow and easy YUP that’s what I’m doing. Taking the little victories as they come and as for to today… he’s where he needs to be! Thank you God!

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