Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Claim Number

Here’s my rant for the day… Feeling disgusted, angry, overwhelmed with our system.

Got my son in a 30 day treatment facility. Three weeks into it our insurance company informs us that their doctor (who’s on their payroll) has advised them that my son doesn’t need to be in there anymore. He’s better now! They will be discharging him today. If he is to stay and complete the treatment we would have to pay an additional $6,000 on top of the $4,500 we already paid. We do NOT have the money.

I don’t know how to feel about it when it comes to my son’s recovery going forward. Was it enough? Not enough? I’m so frustrated at the system. Our addicts cannot overcome their addictions without treatment, without help. The help available is limited for your everyday average working class Americans like us. He will be going to his AA meetings and his HA meeting and will finish up IOP at Calvary. Thankfully there are non-profit things like AA, which is amazing in giving peer support. It just make me so sad that so many people want help but can’t get the proper treatment they deserve simply because they can't afford it. Addiction in the United States is out of control but our government does not care, no one cares. 

To the insurance company we are nothing but a claim number!


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