Friday, July 24, 2015

Yellow Butterflies

It’s funny how when things are looking up you tend to notice beautiful things like a butterfly flying in the sky. A beautiful little yellow butterfly was floating through the shy as I stood outside this morning, and I just enjoyed it's elegance as it danced right in front of me.

Since my son has been in rehab he has called me every signal day. He only gets a few minutes on the phone and he chooses to call me. (SMILING) It’s usually a very short conversation… “How are you feeling today? What did you do today? How are you sleeping?” Then his few minutes are up; we say goodbye and I LOVE YOU and then we hang up. Last night was different he called me and immediately said “mom I have to tell you something”. My heart stopped, I said “what’s wrong son?” He said “I think I want to go to a sober living home when I get done here.” AND JUST LIKE THAT my worries disappear.

You see part of the plan my husband and I discussed and agreed to was to get Al into a sober living community immediately after rehab. It’s his best shot at staying on track. But I was afraid he would get upset and would refuse. But thankfully he came to that decision all on his own. I’ll never forget what he said. Because this is the first time in 7 years I heard HOPE in his voice, TRUE genuine hope. He said “Mom last night I P-R-A-Y-E-D to God to guide me on what to do next. I was feeling unsure and confused. I thought to myself f*** sober living, I just want to go home. But then today I took a tour at a sober living community and I knew this is where I’m supposed to go. It was a feeling inside me.” (Can you picture me smiling, because I am… ear to ear) Then he said “I finally feel like I’m standing on solid ground, I feel good and I have a solid plan.”

Today I called the sober living home he visited and I talked to the director. Steve and I are meeting him tomorrow to look at the home and take a deposit. He has ONE bed left and he’s holding it for Al. THANK YOU GOD!

My brother is always telling me… “Ana you have to take the little victories when you get them.” I’m taking this little victory and I’m running with it!!

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