Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long Story Short

Long story short... 

Saw my son Friday (ME =1) - He was high on Friday (HEROIN = 1) - Broken promises Saturday (HEROIN =1) - Mothers Day no show Sunday (HEROIN = 1) - I'm a fool (HEROIN = 1)!
Heroin 4 × Me 1 = I lose!

Heroin is the Angel of death that has my son in his arms. He has a little helper too. She makes sure he's tucked in every night with a place to stay and buys him his heroin. (Deep breath). He must of told her he was going to get treatment, that he wanted to go out of state. After I dropped him off that afternoon he disappeared again, nothing but silence.

I have it all planned out. I can get him out of the state for treatment. He just has to choose. He has to choose to leave it all behind including the girlfriend, especially the girlfriend!!!  But as of now I don't see that happening. 

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