Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just Sit And Wait

Still no word from Al... I have no idea where he is?! I got a call from his lawyer yesterday, he missed his court appointment. This will be his second time doing that. I have a feeling the judge won't be giving him anymore breaks. It just blows my mind, all of this blows my mind. He worked so hard to get his legal issues on the right track. He was almost done with all this mess and now he has to start all over again even worse he has a warrant issued for his arrest. BEAUTIFUL!

My anger has turned into despair. I find myself having to take long deep breaths. I’m so anxious ALL the time. It feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I've text Al, he hasn't responded. 

This kind of pain doesn't go anywhere, it lingers, engulfing your heart with each passing day. Having to watch our son being taken hostage by a drug is horrify. We feel so hopeless because there’s nothing we can do...  Nothing but watch him walk away right back into the arms of his addiction.

And now I just sit and wait for the phone call! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, I know the elephant on the chest feeling only too well, it is awful.

If they pick him up on the warrant it may be the best thing that could happen as it would stop his drug use and hopefully give him a chance to regroup and seek recovery again. I know others this has happened to and it at least gave the parents some peace of mind knowing that their child was out there using. I don't believe that jail cures addicts but when they are active and using daily at least it stops them. Drug court may be his best option if that is possible, they could mandate in-patient again and long term treatment after in-patient.