Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week One

 One week truly clean and sober!

I got to visit with my son!! He's seems engaged in the program and for the first time in a long time he looks optimistic. Sunday's are family days and we are allowed to go and spend up to two hours visiting with him. This past Sunday we ate dinner with him it was so nice and the food was pretty good too. He had a meeting later on in the evening, we would have attended but it started to late and we had to work early the next day. BUT next weekend we are planning to stay after dinner because he asked us to. He wanted all of us to come back next Sunday and attend his heroin anonymous meeting with him, he said " it's to help you understand my disease, my addiction" so we of course we all said YES! He had his whole family there visiting. The night managers there kept complimenting us for coming out to support him. In my mind I'm thinking of course, we love him and we are family. But I have to remind myself not all addicts are as lucky as Al. Some of those guys don't have family or even lost their family and they have to make it on their own with no support.

It was kind of neat seeing my whole family sitting there talking, laugh and caring on like we use to do. He had his Dad and I, Jr and my brother, his wife and his three adult children and their two spouses. All 11 of us crammed into this one round table, elbow to elbow eating dinner and enjoying each others company. I kept looking around at everyone feeling so blessed!! In awe!


The facility is very clean and cozy and he feels at home there. He's doing 21 days of intense therapy and then he'll be doing 126 days of sober living. He likes it there and already has made friends and has a sponsor. He told me "mom everyone here is like me, struggling to understand and cope."He's not used to a structured regiment... up at 5am, counseling and HA classes, chores and random drug screening to AA meetings and studying the BIG BOOK. But there he is working the program all on his own. For the first time in a long time I'M feeling a little optimistic myself.

 I wish there where more places just like this one... CROSSROADS Phoenix, AZ.


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Liz said...

I am truely SOOO HAPPY for you and Al! Sleep will come a little easier for you this holiday season. Prayers have been answered.
Take care and enjoy your visits!