Monday, December 15, 2014

It Doesn't Seem Real

Have you ever experienced a deja vu moment? I've been having alot of those lately. At times my life almost feels like I'm in a dream. Things are moving and happening so seamlessly that it doesn't seem real. I'm almost afraid to be happy... I got my son back, I've been seeing and talking to my son! IT DOESN'T SEEM REAL, he's been gone for so long. I'm so afraid to lose him again that I can feel myself stacking bricks. Putting up a wall brick by brick just in case Heroin steels him from me again. I have to remind myself it's OK to be happy! It's OK to look forward to the future. When I do that I  close my eyes and take a deep long breath and pause for a moment. I stop and take it all in. I look all around me, I look at the trees and the sky, listening to the sounds of cars passing and birds chirping, people talking or laughing. I say to myself... Thank you GOD! God, your timing is always perfect. He's going to be a masterpiece when your done.

Al has big dreams. His dreams are not your the standard 21 year old dreams. He's not asking to be rich or famous.  His dreams are to help others who are struggling with addiction someday. To start a ministry that's uplifts and helps addicts and their families.  That's all he talks about. He constantly tells me how mentoring others would make him feel better about this life.

Al's badges of accomplishments! Believe it or not these chips are priceless, worth there weight in gold! 

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