Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Al called

Al called me yesterday afternoon. He was calling to tell me about his day. He does that now... calls to talk about his day. It's so nice talking to him like that... like we use to do. He was excited about a possible opportunity he's been working towards. He was telling me about his day and where he went, what he did and who he hung out with. He also told me about how was feeling... he had a rough day. He's off suboxone now, he missed his last appointment at CBI and is not able to finish the last two weeks of meds. Suboxone is used to help with heroin and opiate withdraw.

Al is feeling the symptoms of withdraw but thankfully he was at the end of the treatment and his symptoms are mild but enough to give him cravings. It's the first time he's felt this way in a while and I think it scared him. He said "If you could only hear the thoughts that where in my head you would be so disappointed with me because in my mind I kept trying to rationalize using this one time only to take away my ache". He seemed a little concerned as he was talking himself off a cliff; I was so proud of him for doing that. He said "mom my favorite meeting is about starting I have to go, I'm ok now". I told him I loved him and to stay strong as he hung up the phone.

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