Friday, October 10, 2014

Week One

As far as I know as of right now my son is homeless. He asked to move back in this week because they ran out of money and they can't pay rent, they have no place to go because no one will take them in. As hard as it was for my husband and I to hear this we HAD to say no. Why, let me explain; He's never truly hit rock bottom. He's always lucked out in one way or another. He's the luckiest boy I know. Seriously! Our hope is if we make a stand this time and we stick to it, NO MATTER what he tells us he will finally get  a real taste of what this kind of life will bring him and he will choose to get the treatment he so desperately needs. I literally can't breath when I think of him on the streets. But I'm running out of options. I've texted him twice already to check on him, my brother has texted him and so has Mia's grandmother but nothing... not a peep.  I believe we're all getting the silent treatment for saying NO. Week one no word!

Rock bottom they say is the only way to get an addict to want help. Let's hope their right! I just pray that rock bottom for MY son is us NOT having to bury him. But I'm well aware that could happen, unfortunately that's one of the side effects of rock bottom.

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