Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear Son

Dear Son,

It's been eight days since I've heard from you. I don't know where you are, where your staying or if you have food to eat!! Are you OK? Are you taking your meds? I know your mad at us but someday your going to see that we did everything we possibly could to help you over come this addiction. We just can't have you home while your using. I don't want it in our home... I DON'T WANT IT IN YOUR LIFE! This has been the most stressful heart-aching thing to have to go through as a parent. Watching you self destruct and not being able to stop you has been madding. Your daddy and I have been searching the internet for hours at time year after years trying to find answers to it all. Out of hundreds of articles, rehab websites and blogs it all boils down to you and your free will. YOU have to choose to get well, you have to want it, it has to be your choice. My begging and pleading, my tears and worry, my demands and my pushing were never going to work. Your desire to recover has to be stronger than your desire to do drugs. And right now I don't think your ready to stop. Your desire for heroin has such a tight grip on you that it blinds you to everything your doing and everything you're losing... it's blinded you so much that you can't see me or your family anymore.

I love you so very much son. I would die for you. I'm lost without you and I miss you so much it hurts. Please stay alive... please come back to me.