Monday, July 28, 2014

I Think It Changed Us All

I've been sitting here lost in thought. So much has happened, I'm feeling so many different emotions. Al and Mia agreed to attend a recovery class today. As I type those words and say them out loud I have to remind myself to breath. I've waited for so long for this... is it real? Will he follow though? I don't know but I'm hopeful because for the first time in years I can see my son wanting to change. I can feel it in my soul.

We spent Saturday morning helping my friends organization called "Team Hope" pass-out blessing bags to the homeless. I could see it in their eyes, the fear of ending up that way as some of the homeless passing though where young men and woman obviously suffering from addiction. It broke their heart... it broke my heart. I think it changed us all.

God... thank you for showing me your love, thank you for bringing me an angel to help me with my son and for helping Mia. I can feel the ache in my heart lift just a little.

Al praying over the homeless 7/26/14 (In the black shorts)

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