Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Under His Wings

Have you ever felt like God was placing all the right people and opportunities across your path at a very pivotal moment in your life. It's something you've been praying about relentlessly. You know why this is happening but it's still not clear what your suppose to do about it or how you should handle it. All the signs are pointing towards something, it's change but there are things you need to address and deal with in order to move forward with this change. The timing has to be perfect when it comes to dealing with Al's heartaches, and all his obstetrical big and small. I'm trying not to over think things but for some reason things are moving and happening now. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. But the good news is we finally got a break from the storm. I just need to tread lightly with this situation but I need to move fast at the same time. I just pray God keeps guiding my steps and helps me to clear my mind from all the distractions swarming around me so I can hear him when the time comes to mooove.

I just got off the phone with Al.... TODAY Al and Mia have been 10 days sober! He sounds good and clear minded. He sounds alert and focused unlike before. We decided that every month they keep clean we would go out and find a new and different restaurant AND celebrate. I'm choosing to believe and hope because GOD is working here. He's showing me, he's REALLY showing me. 

Thank you GOD for loving me and giving my heart a break from the pain.


Liz said...

I am so glad to hear this and will continue to keep you in my prayers...

Al's Mom said...

THANK YOU LIZ! It's been unreal! PRAYERS are still needed but we are finally getting somewhere! :) One day at a time.