Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ok Bud, I love You Call Me Later

I talked to Al the other night. He was supposed to come over Sunday for dinner but he never showed up, then Monday and again he didn’t show up. He finally called me to apologize. As soon as I hear his voice it’s like something inside me automatically turns on my internal radar. My senses are on high alert; I scan his voice because his tone gives him away every time. It’s strange but I can tell before he even speaks if something is not right. Al gives off this intense energy when he's not well, happy, sad, worried or nervous. Strangely enough I can pick up on those energies and I hate because nine times out of ten I'm right. Some call it a mothers intuition and some would call it being a sensitive I think it’s a little of both for most mom's, at least in my case it is. I’ve always told Al that I knew he was in my tummy before any test could tell me… I could sense his presence before he was the size of a pea.

He always rambles nervously when he has to lie to me. So when he tries to explain why he didn’t make it to the house for dinner I save myself the frustration by switching the conversation to something he can be truthful about. Quickly our conversation turns into something positive and I can enjoy our talk. He also talked to his dad that night and they talked for about an hour going over their latest TV show obsession “Grim”. It made my night just to hear them laugh and talk. When my husband hung up with Al I heard him say “ok bud, I love you call me later”. I don’t why but it made me smile when he said that. He’s never called him “bud” before? It’s the simple things that make my day.

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