Monday, April 14, 2014

She Inspires Me With Her Grace

Al's girlfriends grandmother and I have become friends. She is a light in this dark place we reside and she inspires me with her grace. She gave me this poem she found in a book she is currently reading. It's beautiful and I teared up when I sat down to read it this weekend. I would like to share it with all of you!

The Porch Light

"Mother, why is the pouch light on?" My son, it shines for you. Through the weary hours before the dawn, as I wait the long night through. My thoughts go back to the the bygone days, to my innocent little child; Dear God! How quickly his baby ways have been by the world defiled. 

"Mother, how long will the porch light burn?" Dear son, until you come home. For my aching heart will forever yearn, till you feet no longer roam. My fervent, pleading, unceasing prayer, is for God to protect my son. And I hear His answer, "My child, I care", as I murmur, "Thy will be done." 

Mother, is God's light burning still?" Oh son, He loves you yet! To draw you close is our Father's will, to rest without care or fret. And God in His mercy will set you free, to serve Him in peace and joy. To be the man that He made you to be, my son, my beloved boy. 


Mrs. Dubose said...

Oh, that poem was lovely.

I read your blog frequently. I understand the struggle. Hang in there.

Al's Mom said...

Thank friend! :)