Friday, April 11, 2014

I Understand The Following

I has taken me a long time to understand the following...

1. This is a long LONG road... and a very lonely road very few can endure, very few will understand. Prepare yourself, it's gonna be hard!
2. You will lose friends and family along the way. But don't worry the people who truly love you and yours will rise to the surface. Let them help and comfort you.
3. Don't be ashamed!!
4. He might recover someday and he might not... but someday it will end good or bad. I have to accept that.
5.  Setting boundaries is KEY!
6. Take care of yourself because the stress will slowly chipping away at your health.
7. You're going to need this most of all... undying HOPE, a ton of STRENGTH, unconditional LOVE.


Anonymous said...

All so very true. Number 4 is the one that just keeps me so torn up inside.

Al's Mom said...

I wish there was an answer for #4! BIG HUGS!

Dad and Mom said...

Good list, it will help you survive when those days when hope seems so far away.