Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Way Or Another

I saw his girlfriend the other day. She stopped by to pick up something for Al. She looked beautiful... her eyes were bright and full of life, full of happiness, nothing like before. She said they were clean now and she feels good about it, hopeful. I wish I could believe them when they say they are clean. I WISH I COULD BELIEVE THEM. Everything I've read tells me it’s incredibly hard to get off heroin on your own. Although it is possible to do it on your own its unlikely but possible. MAYBE just maybe?! NO NO I choose to stay in faith!! God will turn this test into our testimony. One way or another these trials will lead them to a clean and sober life. IT WILL!! God said if I give it up to him and put my faith in him he will not forsake me.

I pray to you GOD please, please give them the strength and the insight they need to beat this. Please GOD I need him… I need them to be ok in this screwed up crazy world. GOD I choose to believe that this will be Al’s year to overcome his troubles. I declare it over my son, I DECLARE IT!!  I declare vindication, peace, LOVE and faith over my family I declare this will be our breakout year!!

Al told me he listens to a Christian channel on the radio. He said it relaxes him and he likes hearing about the bible. AMEN… I give praise to you GOD I give all my praise to you. May you continue to be a strong presence in his life.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing the transformation that takes place when they get clean, isn't it? Such a beautiful thing. I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers and believing, also, that this will be your breakout year!


Al's Mom said...

Fingers crossed!!!