Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Core!

I was laying here on the couch try to sleep, I'm sick and I don't want to wake my husband up with all my coughing . As I lay here I'm facing my family picture wall, as I like to call it "The wall of fame". I have about three dozen pictures in different frames, sizes and different moments. In the center I have a sign that simply says FAMILY. We are a close group of people that share compassion, strength, and unconditional LOVE for each other. Its funny how in trying times the truth about your people rise to the surface good or bad. Its in those moments when you face the reality of who you are and who your family is and what we all stand for. As disappointed as I am in certainpeople I'm also relieved to know that all the right people I have entrusted my heart with all these years rose the the occasion. Thank you God for my amazing core group of people.

No word from my monkey this weekend. I'm sure he's OK!

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