Sunday, January 19, 2014

It Hits Home

A good friend of mine has a friend who lost her son to heroin this past week. He past away on January 13th and it breaks my heart. It hits home... too close to home and I don't like feeling this way. My mind runs away with so many thoughts of my son when I hear things like this, what if this happens to him? It's a possibility, I don't know if he's really clean or not. If he's still doing heroin how bad is it now? How can I get him to see what this is doing to himself and that this could kill him too. I know all I can do is talk to him and educate him with the information I find. Pray pray and pray some more for a happy ending to nightmare.

I'm putting my belief and my hopes out there into the universe right now. So here it goes... you ready?

I believe in GOD. I believe GOD has a plan for Al's life. I hope GOD's plan allows me to keep my son here with me healthy and well until my dying day. I hope my son is able to help others and save lives with his story someday. I hope GOD gives me the strength to endure whatever it is he has planned for Al's life.

I trust in GOD's plan come what may!


Anonymous said...

When I have moments like what your experiencing now, my husband reminds me of all the times something could have happened and it didn't, all the times my son should have died but didn't. Then he reminds me that God would not have saved our boy time after time if there wasn't a plan for his life. I don't know why some are spared and others are not but what I do know is that every prayer helps our kids. Every time they are spared, there is a reason. Cling to that belief with all your heart.

And if your son is clean or this is a time of calm in his life...I beg you to enjoy it as best you can and try to relax. This journey is so hard and if there is one thing I am learning, it's that we cannot react to the unknown. It's useless for us and for them.

Hang in there, okay?

Dad and Mom said...

When you get news of someone dying from an overdose it shakes you inside. I know this from a close friend's son but also when blog friends write of a child it just makes you quiver.

This monster is scary and what it is capable of doing to our children.

Al's Mom said...

I wish I could save them all. Thanks friends! Your thoughts and encouragement helps!

Liz said...

My daughter and her best friend used heroin together. My daughter lived, but her friend died of an overdose at the age of 22. Why her and not my daughter? I will never know, but I do believe that God has a plan for my daughter.
She is clean and has been for several months... I absoultely can see the amazing person she used to be before drugs took over and I am grateful and appreciative of every single minute I have with her. I love her so much and pray, pray, pray, that she can and will come thru this. I pray for all of our children.

Al's Mom said...

Me too Liz... I'm grateful my son is still alive too. Hang in there, she's going to make it! God bless her beautiful heart.