Monday, December 2, 2013


I’ve lost the battle so far it seems! Thanksgiving Day I made an attempt to contact my son to say how much I missed him and that I loved him. The response I got was less than pleasant and downright brutal. Even though I was warned he would get this way I hoped for a piece of my son to emerge. But no such luck. I know he’s in there… I can still feel him in my heart. But he’s so lost and consumed right now that any sound of reason is being drowned out by the enemy that is flooding his mind.

Warning: Drugs will make them angry and hateful. Everything will set them off. So cutting them off from any help will release the little monster in them that lurks in all of us. They will say and do things you never thought they would do and everything is your fault. It will hurt like hell and it will knock you to the ground. GET UP! Keep believing and fighting for them. I’ll never give up on him!! The drugs may have won this battle but I WILL win the war! I just need to regroup and come up with a new strategy. Hang in there son I'll be there soon.

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